Rental Terms

1. The conditions of this Agreement apply for the whole term of the rental period and any extension thereof and to any vehicles, including replacement vehicles, rented from Mars car rental company (here in after called the vehicle).

2. Rental Period. Renter will rent the vehicle for the rental period determined in this Agreement. If Renter does not return the vehicle on time he is in breach of the conditions of this Agreement. Mars rent a car can charge Renter for every day or part- day Renter has the vehicle after he should have returned it to Mars. After the expiration of the agreed rental period Mars has the right to take back the possession of the vehicle at any time and place and by any means, without the consent of the Renter.

3. Renter’s responsibilities. (a) Renter and any other driver of the vehicle must look after the vehicle and take the necessary precautions to avoid its theft. In case of loss of car keys, Renter must pay the “loss of key charge”.(b) Renter must make sure that he uses the correct fuel.(c) Renter must not let anyone work on the vehicle without Mars’s written permission. (d) Renter must let Mars know as soon as he becomes aware of a defect in the vehicle. (e) Subject to a different agreement, Renter must return the vehicle to the agreed return location, during the opening hours displayed at the rental location. Where Mars has agreed that Renter may return the vehicle beyond business hours, or where Renter has requested collection of the vehicle, Renter’s liability for damage and theft shall extend to the earlier of midday of the first working day following the requested collection time, or the time of re-inspection of the vehicle by a member of Mars staff. If Renter or asignatory to this Agreement breaches any of its provisions, he is not entitled to any indemnity from Mars for any reason whatsoever but instead must indemnify Mars for any damages suffered.

4. Vehicle Condition Report. The Renter received the vehicle in good order and condition and ascertains that if fully serves its purposes. Renter cannot hold Mars liable for lack of diligence which might prevent an eventual malfunction of the vehicle.

5. Property. The Renter hereby releases Mars from any liability for the loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the Renter or by any other person in or upon the vehicle during the rental period or after return of the vehicle to Mars.

6. Terms of use. (a) The vehicle must only be driven by the person(s)named in the Rental Agreement. Anyone driving the vehicle must hold a valid driving license recognized in Greece for at least one year and be at least 21years old. Renter or any authorized driver must not use the vehicle (a) for any illegal purpose or in breach of Greek Traffic Code rules (b) for transportation of passengers/baggage against remuneration (c) in order to push or haul other vehicles (d) off- road, orracing, (e) under the influence of alcohol or drugs (f) for travels outside Naxos island or on board of ships, unless permitted in writing by Mars.

7. Charges. Renter will pay following charges: (a) The rental charge plus any applicable municipal or other levy and any airport surcharge.(b) charges for any additional services used by Renter under this Agreement (c) A refueling service charge if Renter has used, and not replaced, more fuel than Mars supplied originally, plus the charge for the missing fuel, (d) Any charge for loss or damage resulting from non compliance with Clauses 3 and 6 (e) All fines and legal costs for violations of Greek Traffic Code. If Renter does not pay the fines to competent authorities, he must additionally pay Mars a service charge of €30 for handling them. (f) subject to article 8, the full costs or excesses, as described under 8, for the repair or replacement of the vehicle in case of damages or theft, irrespectively from Renter’s fault. If and when Mars recovers the cost of damage from the insurance company then Mars will reimburse the Renter accordingly. In any case of damage or accident, a fixed service charge of €30, which is not reimbursable (g) On Mars’s request, any loss of profit (h) On Mars’s request, any charges and levies imposed by Customs and Excise or any other authority as a result of seizure of the vehicle (i) in case of collection of the vehicle from a location selected by Renter, the full cost of collection (km of distance X price/km) plus the standard “Change of collection location fee”. (j) Default Interest at the applicable statutoryrate, for any overdue amounts (k) on Mars’s request, costs, including reasonable legal fees, incurred for the collection of any amounts due by Renter here under.(l) VAT and all other applicable taxes and levies on any of the charges listed above, (m) Renter is personally liable for all charges as a principal debtor, even if a third person has undertaken liability for their payment, either towards Mars or towards Renter (n) Where Renter elects that any charges under this Agreement are billed in a currency other than € (EUROS) or if Mars claims payment of charges in any other country except Greece, currency conversion will be based on Alpha bank conversion rate plus 4%, due to Mars handling charges for carrying through such transaction, (o) the daily “Vehicle Registration Fee” with maximum charge of fourteen days.

8. Risk Protection. If Renter does not breach any provision of this Agreement, he is covered against the following risks by insurance policies: (a) third party death or body injuries (with the exception of the driver of the vehicle) up to a maximum of EUROS 1.000.000per person, (b) third party material damages up to a maximum of EUROS 1.000.000. Mars will provide collision damage waiver, car theft protection and personal accident insurance if Renter has accepted to pay for it, under the following terms and conditions: (c) car theft protection (with the exception of the excess amount mentioned in this Agreement) subject to compliance with art. 3a, (d) collision damage cover (with the exception of the excess amount mentioned in this Agreement), (e) death or body injuries of the driver of the vehicle up to a maximum amount of EUROS 50.000 and EUROS 2.000 for medical expenses. These amounts may be increased to EUROS 80.000 and 5.000 respectively, depending on the type of insurance selected. The benefit of collision damage waiver does not apply to damages caused by intention, or gross negligence or bad usage or while the vehicle was on board of ship. Renter’s liability is not waived, if he or the driver of the vehicle used the vehicle in breach of article 6. If Renter does not choose to be insured against risks under (c) or (d), he must cover any direct or indirect damages caused by these events, even if they are not due to his fault.

9. What to do in case of accident or theft. Renter must (a) submit immediately a detailed incident report to Mars (b) take care of the vehicle (c) call the police immediately in order to certify any third party responsibility and take care of injured persons(c) get the names and addresses of anyone involved, including witnesses.

10. Personal Information. Mars will keep Renter’s personal information filled in the form overleaf, in Mars records in order to ensure the proper performance of this agreement and improve the administration and management of its car rental business. Renter is entitled to access his personal information anytime and make any amendments required to keep them up to date. Mars may enter information of Renter’s name, address and telephone number to a database of Mars products and services, so that Mars may from time to time notify Renter of new services offered by Mars car rental. A. Renter, by signing this agreement, expressly consents to the above described processing of his personal information.

11. Termination of the Rental Agreement. Mars may terminate this Agreement at any time if it finds out that Renter’s assets have been seized, wholly or partly, due to debts, or if Renter has entered into bankruptcy or if the use of the vehicle is against the law or is under liquidation or if an enforceable decision has been issued against him. Mars may terminate this Agreement immediately in case of infringement of the provisions hereof. In case of termination, Mars may claim amounts due by the Renter and is entitled to take back the possession of the rented vehicle and charge the Renter with all relevant expenses.

12. Governing law. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Greece. Any dispute is submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.

13. Renter agrees and accepts that above terms and conditions apply even if the initial duration of the rental is amended or if the rented vehicle is replaced.


Minimum Rental 1 day. Additional charges may apply if vehicle is returned late or not to the agreed location, Current Fuel price, subject to change, chargeable if vehicle returned with less fuel than when rented.